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3 Fun Games About Saving Money

When it comes to personal finance, saving can be the most daunting challenges one can take on. Not only is it a discipline that few come by naturally, throwing 10-20% of your money straight into a lock-box is arguably the most boring wealth building tool available. Unfortunately, though, it must be done. That being said, I have found a helpful tool in getting people started on their journey is recommending some easy games that educate users on saving their money.

Here are the three games I have found most helpful (and fun) to get the ball rolling:


Financial Football

A game that defies the usual platform of your average “finance” game, this Madden-esque sport simulator offers elements of traditional gaming tied in with money-saving education. Visa partnered with the NFL to bring you the most gamer-friendly learning tool out there, and I find it very engaging. The game switches between football plays and multiple-choice questions, and keeps a great balance between the two. If you enjoy football and want to learn a thing or two about saving money, this is the game for you.

Pros: Exciting gameplay, broad questions, and available on mobile.

Cons: Some football knowledge required.

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Money Metropolis

This computer-only game is a great tool for teens. The player starts with a goal for which they want to save. This could be getting a new pet, going on a trip,  or even a shopping spree. After this, the player can adventure around the town and find ways to make money and keep up on their budget until they eventually reach it. One of the best parts about this game is the map, allowing you to choose where to go and how to get your income. As a result, your child’s creativity can keep this game new and interesting for them.

Pros: Easy, open, and great for early-teenagers.

Cons: Basic and computer-only.


Peter Pig’s Money Counter

Got to have something for the little ones. Peter Pig will teach your 5-8 year old fun facts about money and how to count and save smaller amounts. Step-by-step your child will learn the value of different coins, how to count change, and how to save it to dress up their pig! I have seen quite a few kids love this one, and it is a terrific starting point (and distraction) for any youngin’.

Pros: Kid-friendly, easy, and one cute piggy.

Cons: Only for kids, and has a very narrow scope.

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There aren’t many great games about saving money, but these gems are sure to get folks of any age ready to get started! I hope you love them as much as my family has, and pay it forward by sharing this article.

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