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Hydrogen-powered cars to be built in Wales with Siemens support –

Rasas are expected to have a 20-year life and then be recycled, with many of the components going into new models, promoting environmental sustainability.

 Mr Spowers said Siemens’ backing was a very significant seal of approval. 

“The are looking at future technologies and models in ways that existing cars companies can’t because of their legacy with the internal combustion engine,” he said.

“Siemens is engaged in understanding business models of the future, and their support brings options for accessing financing that does not fit into the models of existing car makers.”

Brian Holliday of Siemens said the company was delighted to work with Riversimple and support firms producing “boundary-breaking products”. 

Although they have a range comparable to conventional cars, the Rasa is intended for “local use”, hence their low top speed.

It also eliminates concerns about the lack of hydrogen fuel stations, as customers are likely to be those who live near one.

As hydrogen becomes more popular as a fuel source, Mr Spowers said industry – rather than government – would build more hydrogen fuel stations to meet demand.

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